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Oracle date functions

Oracle has a number of functions that apply to a date
Sysdate Returns the current date/time
ADD_MONTHS Function to add a number of months to a date. For example: add_months(SYSDATE,3) returns 3 months after sysdate. This could be rounded to below is the resulting month has fewer days than the month this function is applied to.
+,- (plus/minus) In Oracle you can add or substract a number of days from a date. Example: sysdate+5 means systemdate/time plus 5 days
GREATEST With the greatest function you can select the date/time that is the highest in a range of date/times. Example: greatest (sysdate+4,sysdate,sysdate-5) = sysdate+4.
LEAST With the least function you can select the earliest date/time in a range of date/times. Example: least(sysdate+4,sysdate,sysdate-5) = sysdate-5.
LAST_DAY Returns the last_day of a month based on the month the passed date is in. Example: last_day(sysdate) returns the last day of this month.
MONTHS_BETWEEN Returns the number of months between two dates. The number is not rounded. Example: months_between(sysdate, to_date('01-01-2007','dd-mm-yyyy')) returns the number of months since jan 1, 2007.
NEXT_DAY Date of next specified date following a date NEXT_DAY(, ) Options are SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, and SAT SELECT NEXT_DAY(SYSDATE, 'FRI') FROM dual; NOTE: This can be dependend on NLS_SETTINGS!
ROUND Returns date rounded to the unit specified by the format model. If you omit the format, the date is rounded to the nearest day ROUND(, ) SELECT ROUND(TO_DATE('27-OCT-00'),'YEAR') NEW_YEAR FROM dual;
TRUNC Convert a date to the date without time (0:00h) Example: TRUNC(sysdate) returns today without time.
First day of the month. trunc(example_date,'MM') Example: select trunc(TO_DATE('31-JAN-2007'),'MM') FROM dual;
TO_CHAR(date,format_mask) Converts a date to a string using a format mask. Format masks are explained here